Listen up folks, if you were thinking about getting a goat as your mailbox, think again!

These furry little rascals have a real taste for paper and your important documents might end up as a goat’s afternoon snack. But don’t despair!

We’ve done the hard work for you and scoured the internet to find the coolest Goat-themed mailboxes out there.

Behold, our top 14 Goat Mailboxes that are guaranteed not to munch on your mail. Get ready to add some barnyard charm to your front porch!

#1 Goat Info

#2 Red Flag Mailbox

#3 U.S. Mail Only

#4 Ready For Mail

#5 Goat Milk Mailbox

#6 Promise Not To Eat Mail Mailbox

#7 Mailbox With Goaty Personality

#8 Goat’a Be On Top Of Things Mailbox

#9 You Goat Mail Mailbox

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