Goats are fascinating creatures with unique physical and behavioral characteristics. They are more than just fun animals that are always on top of things. Here are 10 fun facts about goats that will make you say “whaaat”

1. Goats can climb and hold their balance on steep, rocky hillsides that most other animals cannot manage.

2. Goats are social creatures that live in herds and form close bonds with each other.

3. Goats have an excellent sense of smell and are able to detect things from a long distance away, which makes them perfect for keeping predators away from their flock.

4. Goats have four stomachs that help break down the cellulose in plants, allowing them to eat things like shrubs and trees that other animals can’t digest.

5. Goats are known for being very curious creatures, often sticking their heads into anything they can find!

6. A group of goats is called a “trip” or a “herd”.

7. Contrary to popular belief goats do not actually eat tin cans — they will more likely lick them instead!

8. Goats have rectangular shaped pupils rather than circular ones, and they can actually see nearly 360 degrees due to the way their eyes are set on either side of their head.

9. Baby goats are called “kids”, and they can walk within minutes of being born!

10. Unlike cows, goats don’t produce much methane gas, which makes them much more environmentally friendly!

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